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EHN/LeAlem provide healthcare for indigent women and children, in partnership with community, government and religious organizations.Beneficiary with referral card.EHN/LeAlem beneficiary patient registration and social worker office.Desta, age 7, EHN beneficiary. Desta sells gum and candy at taxi stands.Children of Atetegeb Worku Memorial Childcare Association.Children of Atetegeb.Atetegeb Director Sosina Teferra.Atetegeb child, 11 months old, EHN beneficiary.EHN provides medical care to Atetegeb children and nurses.EHN/LeAlem beneficiaries.Atetegeb Assistant Director Temesgen Afeta and Binyamin.Atetegeb Director Sosina Teferra.Tayech, age 50.  Tayech supports her two children selling candles by church.Patient, age 50, hand injury.  Cannot work as laundress due to injury, eats less than one meal per day.Hiwot, age 16.Tewbech, age 91 (F).  Tewbech sleeps on ground in shed.Yebsira, age 7; her name means "Work of God."