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LeAlem is located in the Kirkos subcity of Addis Ababa, an area of new development, but also dire poverty.Indigent housing (catchment area for EHN/LeAlem), as viewed from Hilton Hotel.EHN/LeAlem provide healthcare for indigent women and children, in partnership with community, government and religious organizations.Beneficiaries approach LeAlem.LeAlem courtyard, inpatient rooms at left.Beneficiary with referral card.Social worker Almaz Amerga.Social worker Gashaw Dinku enters beneficiary data.LeAlem waiting room.EHN/LeAlem Medical Director Dr. Alemayehu Dinku and beneficiary.John Wimberly and Dr. Alemayehu.LeAlem ultrasound.Xray department.Medical Director Alemayehu and LeAlem laboratory chief.LeAlem Higher Clinic laboratory.